There is a strange story about the big angel statue at the City of Lubbock Cemetery.

The local legend is that if you go to the cemetery at night and leave without kissing the angel's feet, a ghost will try to stop you from leaving.

In Darrell Maloney's book Haunted Lubbock - True Ghost Stories From The Hub Of The Plainsa lady named Angela tells a story of how she and some friends went to the cemetery one night. When they left, everyone except Angela kissed the angel's feet.

When the group was driving out of the cemetery, a man dressed in black with no form to his face appeared out of nowhere and stood in the road, blocking it.  Angela told her friend driving to stop, but he continued driving. When they reached the man in black, he vaporized, then appeared in front on them, flew through the windshield of the car, over their heads in the car and out through the back windshield.

Angela said she was the only one to see the man...and the only person who didn't kiss the angel's feet.

There are many stories of weird and strange things happening at the cemetery, and this one is no exception.

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