Sometimes in the wake of a tragic event, the only thing a person can do is just throw caution to the wind and continue to live life.

That is exactly what 16-year-old Justin Davis did – after less than a day since narrowly escaping the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting, the hardcore Batman fanatic got himself back in front of the big screen at another Colorado theater to finish ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’

“I just want to finish it, and for all those men, women and children that didn’t get to finish it, I want to finish it for them,” said Davis.

Davis was certainly fortunate to have had the opportunity to finish the film — and lucky to be alive — after being a part of the nation’s largest mass shooting that killed 12 people and injured 58 others.

After the shooting, cities all across the nation began tightening up their theater security in an attempt to prevent any potential copycat incidents. AMC theaters even banned costumes as a means of increased security.

While no significant decrease in overall attendance was reported, some people who went to see the film said they felt a little uneasy.

“When we first arrived, I was like, ‘Hey maybe we should sit closer to the exit,’” said Michael Scheno, who saw the movie in New York City.

Warner Bothers did not report any box office results over the weekend “out of respect for the victims and their families.”


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