I'm trying a lot of new recipes that I've gotten from Pinterest (of course) & I couldn't decide what to make for dinner last night.

I have been on this pasta rampage for some weird reason...spaghetti, chicken spaghetti, pizza casserole...just a few, but as I was looking through Pinterest I found one recipe I really wanted to try that had bowtie pasta but then again this other recipe I was in love with had spiral pasta. You may not think this was a huge deal but for some reason I felt it was.

So instead of getting either if those pastas I just bought the Mostaccioli pasta. So with all that being said I figured I would combine both of the recipes & make something I can call my own.

This has to be the easiest, most delicious recipe I have done!
If you want to try it yourself, go right ahead you won't be disappointed either.
Recipe for Rachel's Favorite:

  • 1 box of pasta (any kind you want...bow tie, spiral, etc...)
  • 1 package of smoked sausage (2 come in one)
  • 2 zucchini-cut into thin slices
  • 1 small bag of shredded carrots
  • 4 celery-cut into pieces
  • 2 broccoli heads
  • Half of an onion
  1. Cook smoked sausage with onion. Let it cook to your satisfaction.
  2. Put all other ingredients into another pan. Zucchini (thinly sliced), celery (cut into small pieces), broccoli (cut into small pieces). Cook this just how you want it, tender or crunchy. Either way, it'll be delicious. I cooked it until the zucchini was tender!

Like this...


3. Start cooking your pasta. Fully cook. Make sure to throw in salt as its cooking...just enough to where you can taste it.
4. Throw in your shredded carrots into other pan that has all the other ingredients.
5. Once both have been cooked to your satisfaction, grab another bowl & mix all your ingredients together.


6.  NOW ENJOY!!!

*No dressing is needed, unless you want it. I added a little of zesty Italian dressing.
*Now with this recipe you can add more or less of ingredients. Just however you like it!

If there is a recipe you have and want me to give it a try, just leave a comment in the Facebook widget below!

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