I am not one to ever turn down a trip to McDonald's. Today I learned a very unique location is not too far away from us.

I always stumble upon stories about these unique McDonald's throughout the country. I don't know why I find these interesting. They have one in Roswell, New Mexico that is in the shape of UFO. If you have ever been to Orlando, the World's Largest McDonald's is there which is three floors. California has a weird train station one as well. You can check those out here.

However, one I have never seen is this one I found today over in Dallas. This is not a zoo property, but right up the road from the Dallas Zoo is this zoo themed McDonald's. It has been dubbed the poor man's Rainforest Cafe. Which is the perfect name for this place.

I'm shocked something like this is not at Animal Kingdom in Disney World, but is actually just south of us in Dallas. The building is surrounded by different animals, then the play place is jungle themed and you even dine with different animals as well.

I have honestly never seen anybody ever talk about this place, so maybe not a lot of folks know that it exists. I have been told the Fort Worth Zoo is better than the one in Dallas, so maybe that is why some folks don't know about this place. I can assure you if I lived near this place when I was a kid, I would have begged my parents to go to it.

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