Lubbock has many weird and wonderful places, but this one might take the cake.  A haunted house in Lubbock with something buried under it? Oh my.

I talked with Darrell Maloney, author of Haunted Lubbock - True Ghost Stories From the Hub of the Plains about one particular house featured in the book. He shared its history and the odd thing that was discovered beneath the home.

Located at 3216 37th Street, the home was built in the early 1950s. A man named Michael and his family lived in the home for around 20 years. His recollection of the strange things that went on inside the house is chilling.

Michael says that radios would come on by themselves and pictures constantly fell from walls. One of the strangest things, however, is an old photograph that depicts the inside of the house. In the photo is an old television which was turned off, but a little boy's image can be seen on the screen.

In another instance, Michael said that his mother used to make paper dolls for his little brother and he kept tearing them up. When she asked him why, Michael's little brother pointed to an empty part of the room and said, "he told me to."

But what the family eventually discovered buried underneath the home is even spookier.

Michael revealed that his parents discovered a hole in the front yard under the far east window. He explained that his dad had tried filling it in with dirt, but the dirt kept disappearing. Eventually, his dad had some people come dig out under the house. They discovered a car.

The men were able to get the front half of the car out, but removing the entire vehicle would have compromised the foundation of the house.

Michael said that people on hand the day the front part of the car was taken out reported seeing a smoke-like cloud come out of the car, swirl around the people and disappear towards the sky. Michael himself said it may have been a soul being released.

The local newspaper also did a story on the dig at that time in the 1980s.

The owner of the house now lives in Fort Worth and may or may not know about the car.

Darrell does hope that one day someone will find out who or what is in the trunk of that car buried under the house at 37th & Hartford.

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