When I was in high school, Dutch Bros. was the go-to spot to hang out after school. We would all pile in a car, go through the drive-thru, and hang out in the parking lot. It was one of those things that I really missed when I first moved to Lubbock a few years ago. Fortunately, Dutch Bros. made its way to the Hub City, and I can relive some of those memories now.

One of my favorite ways to order when I go to Dutch Bros. is to decide what category of drink I want, like iced, hot, coffee, tea, or fruity, then I ask the person taking my order to give me whatever their favorite drink is that fits that category. Sometimes they will just give you one of the basic drinks on the menu, and other times you end up with something completely unique that they made up themselves.

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Whenever I receive an order that isn’t available on the menu, it always makes me wonder how they came up with it. That is why I was so excited when I came across an account on TikTok that posts the process of making drinks from someone who works at Dutch Bros. Their videos have a mix of common drinks as well as customized ones, and it’s fun to see their process.

Watching how the different drinks are made gives me some inspiration on different drinks to try that I’ve never had before. A great example is this slightly customized White Angel, which is made with white coffee, white chocolate, coconut, vanilla, chocolate milk, a soft top, and sugar sprinkles.

Another drink that looked delicious is this eclipse green tea. Even if they aren’t customized drinks, it's still cool to see the process of how they’re made.

Next time you go to Dutch Bros., I totally suggest asking for something new or customized and seeing what fun possibilities are out there.

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