Ever since Dutch Bros opened their first location in Lubbock, everyone’s been obsessed. They have a massive menu with a variety of tea, coffee, and many other drinks. With a huge menu and options to customize your drink, it’s had to not find something you’ll like these, but just in case nothing on their menu looks good to you, you have to try one of these “secret menu” summer items created by a Dutch Bros barista.

Natalie Wu has a series on TikTok showing off her favorite summer drinks from Dutch Bros, and they all look so good. They can be considered a secret menu item because most of them are fully customized and not officially offered on their menu.

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One of the most iconic ones that I think many people would like is this dupe for Taco Bell’s Baja Blast:

Then you have other drinks that sound like the perfect refreshing sip on a hot summer day:

Others are just small modifications made to some of their already iconic menu items:

If you are looking to try something new but aren’t sure what to order, I highly suggest just asking the barista what they suggest. Whenever I’m not sure what to order, I’ll just give the barista a general idea of what I want but let them pick the rest. I’ll give them prompts like asking for their favorite iced coffee, or ask for anything they suggest that’s fruity. This method has never failed me and usually ends up with one of their staples, or something totally unique that you never would have thought of yourself.

So, next time you’re at Dutch Bros, think about asking for one of these fun secret menu drinks, or just ask them what they suggest.

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