The third Dutch Bros location in Lubbock is officially open, so I figured it is a good time to share a trick that makes their Blue Rebels even better.

The Blue Rebel is their version of an energy drink that has a flavor similar to Red Bull. If you are familiar with either, you know how strong that taste is. The taste is so distinctive that it can take over the flavor of any other syrups you try to add to the drink.

After trying a variety of their flavor combinations and having a hard time telling much of a difference, my partner decided to try something that permanently changed the way we order Dutch Bros Blue Rebel.

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You just need to ask for an extra pump of whatever flavor you’re getting.

I know, you’re like “well duh, Emily. That’s not very original,” and I know it’s a really basic solution, but it works. Just one extra pump makes it so you can really taste the flavors other than just the energy drink. If I wanted to just drink a Blue Rebel straight up, then I would. But if I'm ordering an Electric Berry Blue Rebel, then I want to really taste the lime and blue raspberry too.

So, if you are running into the same issue and haven’t thought to try it, just order an extra pump of whatever flavor you want. I promise you’ll like it and that it’s a total game-changer.

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