I like classical music, but I'm not a huge fan of the symphony in particular. With the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra's concert next Friday night, that might all change.

During its 70th anniversary celebration, the LSO is having a really cool concert next Friday, Feb. 17th. It's "A Night at the Movies," and just like it sounds, the orchestra will be performing everybody's favorite movie themes live:

Come hear unforgettable music, from the big screen, live on stage. The concert will feature music from “Casablanca,” “E.T.,” “Mission: Impossible,” “Harry Potter,” “The Godfather,” “Super Man,” “Gone with the Wind,” and “Star Wars.”

This will be a blast even for your smaller kids, because they can hear their favorite movie songs done and learn about the symphony at the same time. Get some culture in you, which can be hard to do in Lubbock sometimes.

Grab tickets for this awesome event right here.

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