From time to time, it happens that a car will experience a mechanical issue, or a flat tire and need to be left behind while we go get help, or call for a tow, but what happens when someone leaves their vehicle in a state of disrepair on a city street, and casually forgets about it?

Unfortunately, in most cases in Lubbock...not a freaking thing. Unless someone complains.

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On my street, which I will not divulge for security reasons, there is a truck that has been parked on the same spot since before Christmas, that is facing the wrong direction, has a flat tire, and out of state plates. I have wondered if they were just waiting to fix the tire, but it's been almost 2 months now, and there is no sign that truck is going anywhere.

At one point, there appeared to be a notice on the trucks windshield, but that was short-lived and has long since been tossed out. Another sign that the truck isn't going anywhere is the fact that a tumbleweed was stuck under it for nearly a month, until someone may have finally pulled it out.

Regardless, the truck is still there, and it's making me nervous. Like it's packed with fertilizer and a remote detonator, or something.  So, time to consult with John Q. Law and see what we can do about getting it hauled off.

According to the City of Lubbock, for them to respond to a "junked vehicle" call, the car in question must:

  • Have an expired or removed inspection sticker or registration
  • Are wrecked, dismantled, inoperative, or abandoned
  • Have not moved for more than 30 days

So, you'd need to contact the city, and have them issue a citation and a 10-day "notice of violation" to bring the vehicle into compliance. After that, it goes before a judge...and then a car crusher as a last resort. Which I'd pay cash money to see...


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