Remember Jade Helm? If you believed it was ever going to be a thing, then this blog is for you. Don't be stupid this year. There is no military build up for a war or anything stupid like that.

If you listen to Alex Jones, you're an idiot. And you should probably know that EVERYTHING he says is complete BS. So to save the rest of us from having to put up with the idiocy this year, I've decided to be proactive instead of reactive.

I saw this meme on Facebook and wanted to share it with you because its the truth. Posted by a member of our military. Respect them as they pass by, give them a wave, say hi. Don't accuse our military of planning for a war against the American people. They are Americans, after all. And they are the greatest military force on the planet. But to get there they need to train. A lot. Especially the reserves and National Guard. That's all this is, training. (The exact dates of training may or may not be correct, I don't know. I'm not in the military.)

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