As stated in my last blog there is a huge party happening all weekend in Houston. Well, duh! It's the freakin' Super Bowl! But what can you expect at one of the top top top parties?

At what is being called the "Super-Bash Houston" party you can expect a crap-ton of awesomeness!

The event will be located in a beautifully designed gated complex encompassing an entire city block, in the heart of Houston's Historic Midtown District, steps from downtown. It consists of a Mansion, VIP Studio and a large outdoor lot around a music rehearsal facility with a capacity of over 5000+ attendees, at the famed Music World Compound. MWS is home to the most #1 song hits in Houston and rich with history of legends such as Destiny's Child, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Mario, Beyoncé & Chris Brown.

And this year includes apperances and performances by Floyd Money Mayweather, Snoop Dogg, Flo-Rida, Nick Cannon, Mario Lopez, Playboy Playmates, and more all in an 82,000 square foot party palace. In other words you won't be going to this party. But maybe you'll hear about it after it happens. But I doubt that too. So never mind.