Former Playboy model Carolina Lekker is happy to catch cheaters on social media, but her services come with a huge price tag.

Lekker is the ultimate social media sleuth. On a crusade to help other women, Lekker investigates the profiles of men on Instagram and then tests their loyalty by making flirty advances in their DMs.

For a hefty sum of £1,400 (roughly $1,845), Lekker contacts clients' boyfriends on social media, makes conversation and then reports back on her findings.

Lekker explained her business strategy to The Daily Star. "I contact them first on Instagram and wait for them to respond," she shared. "I keep making conversation until the conversation gets hotter."

The conversation ends once a casual meeting is arranged. If the man remains loyal to his partner, Lekker returns the payment and leaves the couple to continue their secure love life. No harm, no foul.

Sadly, most of her experiences don't end with her returning the money, which is excellent news for her, but indicates a frustrating reality for many women.

"I don't have many experiences with positive statistics," Lekker said, according to The Mirror. "If the man is well-positioned and talks about his relationship status first, I suggest not to follow the plan as sincerity is a positive thing with infidelity."

The model hopes that her business endeavor will help her buy "the most expensive body on Instagram," a.k.a. more cosmetic enhancements.

Lekker had hesitations about starting a business that piggybacks off heartbreak, but she finds comfort in helping women find out the truth about their partners.

"At first, I was scared because it seemed like magic, as with one message, I was already inside the life of a totally unknown person," she said, adding, "I wouldn't say they are cheating directly — it's virtually pre-cheating because I don't have physical contact with them."

"[Online] it's easy to draw tension and his availability to suggest he's single or delete photos of the woman he's dating," Lekker explained. "In some cases, women are already looking for a form of separation but don't have the proof or evidence they want."

Nevertheless, Lekker believes "deep down, we all want to know if our partners are strong enough to face temptations that can come at any moment."

If you believe your partner has the potential to fool around, some of Lekker's red flags to watch for, according to The Daily Star, include telling little lies; setting up quick meet-ups; asking for explicit photos; and appearing overly dissatisfied with previous relationships.

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