Friday November 3rd at the City Bank Auditorium is the return of Jeff Dunham. Jeff and his "friends?" have been through Lubbock many times but this is the first I recall at the City Bank Auditorium. And that's a good thing.

Normally Jeff was so popular that he had to play the United Supermarkets Arena. That meant that lots of people got to see the show, but many of us, including me, were waaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the back. That doesn't work as well for a puppet show. This time the view will hopefully be better for most people, although I'm sure some seats might still suck.

But these tickets are only $53 a piece, even for front center section, which does still have some seats left. The Perfectly Unbalanced Tour should be a great show since Jeff is an outstanding performer. I'll see if I can get some free tickets to give away too.

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