NASCAR's Jeff Gordon is in a new video for Pepsi Max where he puts on a disguise and takes a used car salesman on an INSANE test drive.

It's presented like a hidden camera thing, with the clueless salesman sitting in the passenger seat, screaming his head off.

But the whole thing was probably staged. Because first of all, at the bottom of the video it says, quote, "Closed course. Professional driver. Do not attempt."  Plus, the salesman kind of seems like he's acting.

And there's no WAY Pepsi would have let Jeff Gordon do some of the stunts you one where he almost slams into another car, and another one where he drives onto a walkway at some kind of loading dock. Still, it's a good bit.

The test drive starts at :11, then it cuts away.  But it cuts back to it at 1:59.

Actually, are NASCAR drivers are even capable of stunt driving like this? One of the YouTube comments said it best. Quote, "That was pretty good driving for a NASCAR driver. He even made some right turns!"