I got this message on the Kool FM Facebook page today:

Attention: Music Director,

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Eddie McDowall (aka Agent777). I would like to send you a link for my press kit.

Once you review it for airplay, Kindly forward it to the Music Director. Thank you!

With great enthusiasm,


I always like to hear music sent in by listeners, but then I noticed that this dude is from Canada. Probably not a listener...just somebody trying to promote their music. That's fine with me.

After opening the link he sent me, I realized that it was a political themed song supporting Barack Obama. That's also fine with me. Support your candidate by all means possible, right?

Then I listened to his song and I felt sorry for him...and Barack Obama, for that matter:

If this song inspired you, fell free to go buy it on iTunes.