As a radio personality, I have spent much of my life in the public eye...or ear. As many of you may know, I grew up in the small town of Ralls, Texas. Population of about 2200.  I think, to a great extent, my life in a small town prepared me to live life in the public fish bowl my years on the radio seem to have created.

For instance, in a small town you learn at a very young age not to do or say anything you shouldn't as someone is always watching and they're gonna tell your mom. When you leave the house you are gonna see someone who knows you, and anything you do or say is subject to public fodder. You also learn respect, compassion and genuine concern for people. And it goes without saying you learn how to be down right neighborly.  When you see someone you had better wave, say hello, ask about the family.

Now a days, here in the hub city when I am out with friends sometimes I get recognized, asked "hey, aren't you that guy....?" and my job sometimes requires me to watch what I say and do, but I don't mind at all. My job is all about what the people want. So, don't be suprised if I smile and ask, "How's the family?" That's just how I was raised. Yes, I do think my small town up bringing prepared me well for the fishy bowl in which I am so abundantly blessed to live.