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We've talked about how sometimes your apartment doesn't have any hot water, but what about no water at all?

I don't know if this is something that happens at all apartment complexes, but the entire time I've been living at this specific complex they've been shutting off the water to the whole place, like, twice a month. There's always something with the pipes they're having to fix for some reason and it leaves us without water for basically the entire day.

I will give them credit in this area, though: they always send out notifications for when it's happening. Could you imagine randomly having no water when you wake up? I'd explode.

Despite this, I often will forget about the notifications they send out and wake up all groggy expecting a nice hot shower to start the day off, and there's nothing. 

I smell awful, I look awful, and I have to be at work soon. Luckily, I work in radio so I can smell and look terrible and none of y'all would ever know unless I tell you, much like I am right now. Whoopsie.

I also cook rice a lot for my lunches, and no water = no rice, so I then have to go spend my precious dollars on fast food. *gag*

I kid. There are a lot of fast food places around town I like. I just try not to eat it as much so I can save money and not gain too much weight. Gotta watch that figure!

So, yeah, I doubt that I had to explain why not having water in your apartment is frustrating, but I love to complain. Now we wait until something comes along again that makes me want to gripe to random people on the internet.

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