Every town is known for something.

Some cities are known for terrible weather, others for good schools, specific styles of cuisine, you name it. Lubbock...from what I can gather...is known for Buddy Holly, The Red Raiders, and...lousy freakin' drivers.

I know this, from first hand knowledge.

Not once, nor twice...

...but THREE times this weekend, I was either cut off in traffic or narrowly avoided an accident because of a driver who was clearly not paying attention.

Image: ThinkStock
Image: ThinkStock

Yeah, I was fully ready to share a certain digit with Hub City drivers. But, I digress.

First time was on Slide Road at 98th...when an inattentive girl on her phone started to drift over into my lane. One quick honk later, and I got her attention.

Second time was near 82nd and Indiana, when someone making a right onto Indiana pulled out directly in front of me. Mercifully...I had my brakes replaced a few weeks back. I guess they work...

Finally, I was on I-27 headed north when another driver merging onto the highway decided that I was invisible, and pulled directly in front of me and then proceeded all the way into the left lane like nothing happened. I was able to pull alogside the other driver, however...they must have known I was irate, because they did everything in their power not to look over at me.  I was SO tempted to get into the left lane and return the favor...but I was exiting off the Interstate, and was only able to give them "The Look".

Lance's Mean Look. Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media
Lance's Mean Look.
Image: Lance Ballance/Townsquare Media

Scary huh? Drive carefully...or you'll get "The Look", too.

Happy Motoring.

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