Have you ever seen the mysterious "Memphis Man" after dark at the corner of Memphis and 66th Street in Lubbock?

When we started our Weird and Wonderful West Texas video series, we ran into Darrell Maloney, author of Haunted Lubbock: True Ghost Stories From The Hub of the Plainsand checked out some of the locations in his book and their stories.

Many of our listeners had suggestions and stories about places they knew of or had heard of in West Texas that are reported to be haunted, such as this haunted house in Abernathy.

Well, one of those stories we heard about from listeners is about the Memphis Man, a man who appears after sundown at the corner of Memphis and 66th Street as you are driving north on Memphis.

My husband and I decided to check it out. What we found out is surprising in light of the recent stories we have investigated. You can see what we discovered in the video above.

Do you have a story about something weird, strange or supernatural that has occurred to you or someone else in West Texas? Let us know!

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