And there I was thinking I had a mosquito problem.

Not that I don’t. It’s just that watching this video gave me a new perspective. Sure, I may have to spray a little insect repellent on me if I want to go outside in the morning or evening, but at least I’m not at risk of having all of the blood sucked out of my body by an insane swarm of mosquitoes.

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I’m not sure exactly where the viral TikTok video was shot, I just know that it was somewhere out in the boonies here in Texas. I also know that I have never seen anything like it in my life, thank God.

There are those out there who like to joke about the mosquito being the state bird of Texas. Those jokes are usually centered around just how big they get here, not so much as to how plentiful they are.

This video is proof of just how big AND plentiful those blood-sucking bastards are here in the Lone Star State.

One thing a lot of people don’t know is that there are actually more than 80 different species of mosquitos here in Texas. Not all of them carry diseases and there is even one species that doesn’t bite humans or anything else, according to the Texas Mosquito Control Association.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure the non-biting species doesn’t hang out anywhere near Wichita Falls.

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