Get your racing turtles ready because it's time to go fast (or slow) and have some fun.

If you didn't know, Little Woodrow's here in Lubbock offers turtle racing during the summer months.

Every Thursday going on right now you can head out to Little Woodrow's to get a drink and bet on turtles starting at 9 p.m.

How does it work? It's simple. You come on out, pick a turtle to bet on (no, sorry, you can't bring your own turtle) and just like other races watch them go. Yes, it might be a little slower than a horse race, but it's still a lot of fun.

If the card you picked matches the turtle that hits the outer circle first, you win the prize. You can even get lucky enough to be the person to release the bucket and start the turtles on their excruciatingly slow march toward the finish line.

This is such a fun and unique opportunity to head out with your friends to watch and/or participate in something you've never seen before. They give the turtles funny names and there's a lot of trash talking. What's not to love?

Still not pumped about it? Here's a little video to see what this unique racing is all about:

How cute are the little numbers on their backs? Tell your friends and get ready for turtle racing that has started back up here in Lubbock, Texas at Little Woodrow's, located at  6313 66th Street in Lubbock.

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