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A Lubbock woman claims that she was kidnapped by her boyfriend and another person, but managed to escape.

KAMC News reports that the unnamed victim had let her boyfriend and another person live at her place of residence since they "had nowhere to go." It was noted that the suspects would take part in "illegal transactions" out of the home.

One day, the victim told the 2 to leave, but the suspect allegedly began verbally abusing and strangling the victim. She showed a video to police later of one of the altercations. Police said in their report that the video depicted "[the boyfriend] assaulting [her] and then strangling [her]."

The victim says that she was locked in her room for several days and only managed to leave on Saturday, October 22nd to go to the bank. However, she noticed that the suspect had followed her, so she went to a friend's house and called the police.

Police noted that the woman seemed to have a small cut on her neck, but no further injuries were found. Lubbock Police are still investigating this case.

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