Earlier this week the Lubbock Police Department responded to a SWAT standoff and hostage situation that occurred in North Lubbock. We now have more detailed information on what occurred during that standoff and what led up to those moments.

KAMC news reports that according to a warrant just moments before that SWAT standoff situation occurred a woman is said to have gone to 39-year-old Joshua Molinar's residence to borrow a phone. Once that woman arrived is the moment that Molinar is accused of starting his assault on her resulting in him dragging that female victim to a bedroom.

While dragging the victim to the bedroom Molinar continuously punched her before attempting to sexual abuse her. That victim fought off Molinar and was eventually able to escape from the home to ask a nearby neighbor for help in calling police. The Lubbock Police Department did arrive to that home in the 2600 block of Colgate where Molinar hid out in an underground backyard bunker.

The SWAT Team and a negotiator were called out to that home to try to convince Molinar to surrender himself over after refusing to leave the underground bunker. After several hours of negotiations had passed local law enforcement was able to secure an arrest warrant for Molinar and were able to deploy some gas directly into the bunker.

Molinar did eventually leave the bunker and was arrested without any injuries to himself or local law enforcement. As per the publishing of this article Molinar remains in custody at the Lubbock County Detention Center on charges of Aggravated Kidnapping and Sexual Assault.

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