The YWCA is looking to renovate the old K-Mart building on University Avenue.

In a public meeting Tuesday, Feb. 19th, the CEO of Lubbock’s YWCA, Glenda Mathis, along with other members, spoke about what the new location will have and when it will be finished.

In an interview with Emily Harrison of KAMC News, Mathis said that "the new space is really designed to be much more modern, have much more current amenities, and so, we're looking forward to the impact it can make on the children that we're serving."


The new YWCA location is meant to consolidate other YWCA locations in the city, but it’s not clear which of those locations will close down and when.

The old Kmart building will cost more than $10 million dollars to renovate, and that’s without plans for an indoor swimming pool. Renovations are scheduled to complete by sometime in 2020.

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