All of our towns across the nation generally have statues of founding fathers or other persons of historical significance. But a statue dedicated to the latest photo trend?

Sugar Land, Texas did just that, putting up a bronze statue of two young women taking a selfie together.

Now, before we go all angry townspeople on the good folks of Sugar Land, let's put it in perspective.

The statue is one of a series of 10 statues donated to the town by a Sugar Land resident as part of the Sugar Land Legacy Foundation.

The other statue that has been placed so far is of a man playing guitar.

Sugar Land issued a press released which stated the statues all depict every day activities around the plaza.

Ires have been raised and social media blew up with angry tweets about the misappropriation of tax payers money, to which the response was given that they were donated and no taxpayers money or city funds were used for the statues.

Now we wonder how many selfies will be taken with the selfie statue.


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