Apparently, some parents have decided that piñatas are warping the minds of their little angels.

They feel that piñatas are just too violent…if a kid learns it's okay to hit a paper-mache Dora the Explorer with a bat, who's to say he won't smack a human with one?

(And God forbid you actually WATCH your children or teach them why it's wrong to hit people. No! That sounds horrible. Piñatas are to blame.)

So there's a whole new niche market of…NO-HIT PIÑATAS.

Instead of having kids bust them open by hitting them with a bat or a stick, a kid just has to pull on a string hanging from the piñata and it splits right open.

You can check out a website selling no-hit piñatas here. They have several different types...but for some reason, my eyes gravitated toward the tie-dye peace sign no-hit piñata, and the "Princess" and "Prince" ones: