In Darrell Maloney's book Haunted Lubbock - True Ghost Stories From The Hub Of The Plains, there is an intriguing story about the old Lubbock National Bank building.

The location has been different things through the years, such as a couple of banks and hotels. When it has been banks, tellers reported hearing a bell ringing -- specifically, a front desk bell like you would hear in a hotel.

One employee named Louise was leaving the bank one day and met an elderly woman outside the bank who called her by name. Louise had not ever met the elderly woman.  She said the elderly woman was very kind and told her she was going to help someone named Walter raise his three boys.

When Louise turned to leave, she looked back and the woman had vanished.

Louise later met a man named Walter. He was divorced and struggling to raise his three boys on his own. They married a short time later.

Louise told Walter about the incident and he said the kind, elderly woman sounded exactly like his grandmother. Was the lady who talked to Louise the ghost of Walter's grandmother? Louise is definitely convinced that it was.

We may never know, but it is a strange and weird story from right here in Lubbock.

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