As the internet devolves into nothing more than memes and cat videos and lists, we'll keep you up to date on all of those things. This week is another list. And Texas made the list -- in a good way, too.

Many states claim to have the best food. In some specific categories, they might even be right. But Texas has the best food anywhere, and that should never be questioned. But now it has been. did another list because that's what they do. It's in their name. This list was the states with the best food, and Texas came in 2nd place. California won this round, but why?

In Texas, we have real Mexican food and Tex-Mex to boot, but we also have BBQ that beats anywhere in the world. Plus, we do fresh seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, too! And all things in between. Texas is so big that we can grow anything we want, and have fresh produce and agriculture for food in all categories. Plus, Whataburger! So why did California beat us to the no. 1 spot? I don't know.

We both have great Mexican food, but only Texas has Tex-Mex: 1 point, Texas.

We both have BBQ, but seriously nothing compares to Texas BBQ: 1 point, Texas.

We both have seafood, but California has the biggest ocean with more variety: 1 point, California.

California has In-N-Out, and Texas has Whataburger: 1 point, Texas.

California has a wider range of climates and can grow a wider variety of produce: 1 point, California.

We both have wine: Draw.

California helped launch the food truck revolution, while Texas is just now starting to catch up: 1 point, California.

California has California cuisine and California pizza: 2 points, Texas.

So you see, I've now proven that Texas beats California in food by a score of 5-3! And that's science proving right there, too.

Anyway. if you want to see where all the states landed on this list, check it out.

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