When was the last time you ate at our local Panda Express restaurants? Each time I go, the staff always asks if I want to donate to Children's Miracle Network (CMN). If you have ever questioned exactly where does that donation go, I have that answer for you.

Panda Express has just made an over $18,000 donation of Personal Protective Equipement (PPE) here in Amarillo to our local Children's Miracle Network. CMN was then able to donate this PPE to local hospitals (BSA and NWTH) and clinics (Texas Tech and Panhandle Pediatrics). All of these places provide care to the children that Children’s Miracle Network serves.

It is easy when someone asks for a donation to say no. You can become jaded to the solicitation and maybe even feel that your donation won't go to help someone you know. But this is a clear indication that when someone asks you to donate to CMN, that you really are making a local impact. The money that Panda Express has raised is going to help countless amount of kids right here across the High Plains.

Next time you a looking for a good place to each, check out Panda Express at 4710 S. Coulter Street and 2416 S. Georgia Street. Panda Express is unique in the fact that they are continuously raising funds for CMN and are always giving back to help local kids. And when someone says do you want to donate, say yes!

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