She'd been dead so long her body was in almost a mummified state. Police believe it had been lying there for up to a year, but they do NOT suspect foul play.

Yvette was probably 82 at the time of her death.  Here's a picture of a young Yvette:


Her body was discovered by neighbor Susan Savage...who got worried when she noticed old letters piling up and yellowing in Yvette's mailbox.

She found Yvette's body in a small room with a space heater still on and a cordless phone that appeared to have been knocked onto the floor.  The body was so decayed she couldn't identify it.

Savage said Yvette had friends, seemed very independent and never stopped getting fan mail.  She added that the neighbors have been, quote, "crying about this.  Nobody should be left alone like that."

(In "Attack of the 50-Foot Woman", Yvette didn't play the 50-Foot Woman.  She played the woman who was datingthe 50-Foot Woman's husband behind her back. Things didn't turn out well for her.  Check out the trailer here.  Yvette makes her first appearance 50 seconds in.)

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