I saw this video and was taken aback by how Rico Genest, the most tattooed man on the planet, looked before and how he looked when he took the makeup off.

I have many, many friends with tattoos, and MANY with facial tattoos. They do run into judgment based exclusively on their appearance and people's first impressions when they see their tattoos.

Granted, my friends knew when they got the highly visible facial art that they would be excluded from the mainstream -- as far as appearances go, at least.

Many times we base our impression or judgment of a person based on looks, their outward appearance alone. But how many time have we seen what we view as a "normal" person's appearance and deem them acceptable only to find out that they hide a dishonest, untrustworthy or deceitful personality behind the normal appearance?

When you first see the man in the video above, did you think: 'Well, it's just a normal bald guy'? And when he takes the makeup off, were the first words that came to mind: freak or weirdo?

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