Remember during the last Summer Olympics, when everyone fell in love with that U.S. volleyball player named Destinee Hooker? Here are the 'Top 10 Funniest Names from the Winter Olympics'. Yes, I'm that juvenile.

1.  Seraina Boner, Switzerland, cross-country skiing.

2.  Jenni Asserholt, Sweden, hockey.

3.  Matthias Bieber, Switzerland, hockey.

4.  Bong-shik Shin, South Korea, snowboard.

5.  Lucia Anger, Germany, cross-country skiin...and Tobias Angerer, Germany, cross-country skiing.

6.  Esther Bottomley, Australia, cross-country skiing.

7.  Semen Elistratov, Russia, short track skating.

8.  Macarena Simari Birkner, Argentina, alpine skiing.

9.  Jakov Fak, Slovenia, biathlon.

10. Satoshi Sakashita, Japan, short track skating.

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