Spring Break is the magical time of the year where unicorns bloom, and children everywhere get their wings and fly south for the vacation. But there are perils to behold as well!

Spring is when stuff comes back to life after dying over the winter and becoming nature zombies. So when spring hits they shed their zombie layer and start living and feeding off the blood of all humans again. One such species of brain dead killers to be on th elook out for is bees. YES! Bees.

According to somebody who likes bees a lot, and knows more about them than I do, spring is when they swarm. And swarming is not the time that bees use to attack and suck the brains out through your eye holes. No swarming is apparently natural for bees and its how they determine where to make a new hive. Its kind of like the swarms of people at the parade of homes looking for the next big house to buy, but with bees.

If you happen to encounter a swarm, do not spray them with water, as this washes away their protective coating that keeps them from eating people's brain juices. You can however call a beekeeper who will come and sing happy flute songs to the bees which make the bees fall in love with that person and follow them to their house, and not live at yours anymore.

So watch out for zombie bees, but don't be scared of them. Spring is when they start making delicious honey and stop eating your brains and sucking your life blood. Also if you can wear them like a beard as in the video above, they will then think you are their leader and will kill on command for you like a pack of rabid bunnies. But if they sense fear whil they are your beard they will commence to pooping bee poops on your face. And bee poops are not as delicious as honey. Close but not.

This nature tip brought to you by the internet.

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