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With mosquitoes soon to be gracing Lubbock County, here are some tips from the City of Lubbock to prevent mosquito breeding.

KAMC News spoke with City of Lubbock Vector Control Coordinator Steven Boston, who said that mosquitoes can develop not just near playa lakes, but near any water:

If you’ve got just a little bit of water in a coke can, a toy, any type of a dip, like a tarp or anything that could barely hold a little bit of water, that water will be a prime area for mosquitoes to develop.

In fact, Lubbockites tend to breed mosquitoes in their own yards. Here are some tips to keep that from happening:

  • Stagnant water is a prime breeding site, so sanitation is important
  • Mow grass and keep weeds short
  • Recycle old tires
  • Change pets' water bowls regularly
  • Clean out wheel barrels regularly

Kid pools and tires in backyards can become mosquito breeding sites quickly, so be sure to deal with these problems. These are precautions that should be taken now before the mosquitoes have hatched.

With cooler weather being present in the Hub City, the mosquitoes haven't been present quite yet, but they will start showing up in around 7 week.

For more information on how to prevent mosquito presence, click here to visit the vector control page.

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