This viral video of a contractor destroying a newly remodeled bathroom after learning his client was not going to pay the remaining $4,300 balance is a f***ing mood. We can all learn a little lesson from this one.

The internet has been arguing over whether or not his reaction to the woman's refusal to pay was overkill, but I reckon she deserved it. I definitely fall on the side of the man that worked countless hours and spent thousands of dollars to give a customer their dream bathroom. The company claims that the woman did not express any displeasure with the work until it came time to pay. She probably just didn't have the money to cough up when the time came.

I see nothing criminal in destroying something you've created. In fact, if I had a dollar for every painting of my own that I've destroyed when a prospective client decided they couldn't afford it, looooong after I'd spent hours of my time making it, I'd be able to buy a couple of new canvases. Time is money, and his craft is valuable.

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The bathroom renovation was agreed upon at the price of $7,500, which is nothing to laugh about. If you're entrusting someone with a project that expensive, you have probably done your research and looked for someone capable of doing what you want. You don't get to decide at the end of a renovation that you simply won't be paying for it all, and I applaud him for destroying his hard work to prove a point.

The audacity of someone to expect something from you for nothing is infuriating. This poor guy probably sweated his ass off working on that boujee little bathroom, only for her to act like an entitled snot. Not cool.

Which side of the argument do you fall on? Do you think he should have just taken her to court? Sued her? Or was it worth it for him to freak out and say enough is enough? Comment below or on our Facebook page.

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