In her first public statement regarding the tragedy, Jenny Stone, the widow of the firefighter who fell to his death at a Texas Rangers game last week, thanked the Rangers organization, and said that Rangers star Josh Hamiliton remains her son's favorite player.

Her husband, Shannon Stone, who was attending the game with their six-year old son Cooper, was trying to catch a ball tossed to him by Hamilton when he tumbled over the railing at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

"We are also thankful for Nolan Ryan, Josh Hamilton, the Texas Rangers, the Rangers fans, and all baseball fans, which have showed such concern and compassion," Jenny Stone wrote to the Brownwood Bulletin. "While I was certainly surprised to hear Nolan Ryan on my phone on Friday morning, I was not surprised that he would act just like we all see him, as a true Texas gentleman. Josh Hamilton remains Cooper's favorite baseball player, the Texas Rangers will always be our team, and baseball will always be our favorite game. ... Shannon loved going to watch the Rangers and he loved Cooper. And, at the very end, he lived life to its fullest, doing something he loved."

Nolan Ryan's words on the tragedy are below.

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