I love TV.  I love everything about it, and especially the people on it. I think they are talking to me directly...encouraging me to do things.  (What? You want me to put my socks in the blender? Yes, Tucker...I will do as you command.)

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Yesterday was "Hug A Newsperson Day", and it's always fun when our favorite local TV personalities show off their fun side.


Admittedly, I can guess that no local TV personality would ever want a hug from someone like me. After all, I'm just an average schlub, and the restraining orders most of them have filed against me are probably still in effect.

With that in mind, in celebration of such a special day, we'd like to share a rundown of the Lubbock TV Personalities who we would consider to be the most "huggable".

Now admittedly, when we say "huggable", we are not implying that if you see any of these talented communicators n teh street, that you should run up and scoop them into your arms. That's called assault, is is illegal in most all counties in Texas (Harris County is the exception)

Originally, this was planned to be the most "dateable", but that seemed too skeevy and stalkerish. (Like this isn't?) Plus, this is really just an thinly veiled excuse to mention some Lubbock TV personalities...and give our friend Ron Roberts some love. Obviously, he'd be at the top of our list, even if he wasn't on TV.

Without further ado, here we go!


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