Patrick Mahomes lost the Super Bowl on Sunday.

I know, it wasn't just Mahomes. It's a team game and all that. That's not the narrative, though. It was Brady vs. Mahomes, and Brady won. That's the legacy factor when you're talking about huge superstars.

It doesn't matter that Mahomes ran for 468 yards while trying to find someone to throw to and that Brady only moved 37 yards in the entire game.

The penalty discrepancy doesn't matter, even though it was ludicrous. The incredible plays that Mahomes made that weren't caught don't matter either. It doesn't matter that they were never even on the field at the same time. The only thing that people will remember about Super Bowl LV is that Patrick Mahomes lost to Tom Brady. That's just the nature of the beast.

The thing is though, I don't think Mahomes will remember it like that. Mahomes will remember people burning his jersey.

Mahomes will remember Bucs fans burning his cardboard cutout like a viking funeral during the post-game celebration like they were dancing on his grave.

Football Fans Gather In Tampa To Watch To Super Bowl LV Between The Tampa Bay Buccaneers And The Kansas City Chiefs
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Mahomes will remember Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles' game plan from last night:

Above all else though, Mahomes will remember the first answer from Bucs linebacker Devin White during his postgame press conference:

"We talked about beating them bad."

"We knew they weren't physical enough."

"They are really gimmicky on offense and man, we don't play like that."

When Mahomes played the Bears, he remembered they drafted Mitch Trubisky above him. When he played the Ravens, he remembered Lamar Jackson was rated as the best player in the NFL, and he was 4th. He remembers little stuff like Michael Jordan does.

When Jordan's Chicago Bulls were called soft after losing to the Pistons in the late 80s, Jordan added 15 pounds of muscle in the offseason and won his next three NBA Championships by flexing on the entire NBA.

I'm not saying that Mahomes is going to lift weights the entire offseason and come out looking like DK Metcalf next season, but I am saying Mahomes will do whatever he can to make the Chiefs more physical next season to exact revenge on White and the Bucs. He may also turn the "gimmicky" nature of the offense up to 11 just to rub it in his face.

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There are very few athletes in the history of sports that affect an entire league when they feel disrespected. They are easier to spot in the NBA: Jordan, Kobe and Lebron come to mind. Tom Brady has been that way since the beginning of his career.

Mahomes has shown flashes of it early in his career and, if my gut feeling is right, he'll be showing just how disrespected he was during Super Bowl LV when the 2021 season kicks off in September.

Mahomes, The Streaker and Super Bowl LV

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