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In this age of "the newest and coolest", you have to admit...sometimes, technology isn't necessarily the best thing for us. The old ways, are sometimes the best ways.

Think about it. Vinyl records have outsold CD's for the first time in 30 years... Percolators are making a comeback among coffee aficionados...and on store shelves, you see the return of something your Dad or Grandfather used on a daily basis, the tried and true Safety Razor.


Yep. The legend has returned. And there is a renaissance among hipsters and wannabe's to "kick it old school", and shift into using a safety razor, rather than a disposable razor or one that uses cartridges. After all, when you see gallons and gallons of Beard Oil on the shelf at the know this isn't just a fad. It's survival of the MANLIEST!

I, for one...have been using a safety razor ever since I did some quick math. I realized that with my cartridge razor, I was spending $30 a month on those cartridges...and not feeling as clean as I could. About 5 years ago, I read an article about safety razors and the fact that they were coming back into vogue. I had used one as a teenager...a hand me down from my dad, but never got the hang of it and always found myself dabbing small pieces of toilet paper to my face to keep from hemorrhaging.

After some research, I found that for the same $30...I could get a 100 pack of razor blades that would last over a YEAR, after a small investment in a GOOD safety razor (and yes, there is a difference). Right now, I am using a standard Van Haagen razor from Target. I once had a nice Parker R99 (retail $40.00), but I lost that after my divorce. I am planning on upgrading my weapon of choice in the near future, but for now...this will suffice. Why? It's all about the rest of your equipment.

I have used Astra blades before and loved them. They were made in Germany and VERY sharp. Today, I have blades from Feather...which are Japanese. Kind of like a miniature Hattori Hanzo Sword for my face.

Lance Ballance
Lance Ballance

I have also moved away from using standard shaving cream...and gone completely old school, using a shaving brush, and shaving soap. I noticed that I needed a refill of soap, so after perusing Amazon...I discovered Colonel Ichabod Conk's Famous Shaving Soap!

I even states that it has a "Spicy, Masculine Scent", with hints of Rum. That's all I needed.


It arrived yesterday...and I must say, it is everything it advertised. After using my trusty dusty shave brush to work it into a lather...I smelled the essence of my grandfather...or a classic barbershop. It was GUY HEAVEN.

After a shave, and a smack of Aqua Velva (Yes...VERY Old School)...I emerged, clean and fresh. The scent is heavenly, and I am a new man.


I feel great.

Oh...and I must point out that I may be the first Awesome 98 Personality to ever appear on our website without a shirt. Although, I understand there may be nudes of Chad Hasty somewhere...but I'm not looking for them.


(All images courtesy of Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media)

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