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After a fight between students from Lockney and Floydada ISDs, tighter security will be present at the Lockney vs. Floydada football game Friday, September 2nd.

The fight in question happened back on August 18th in Floydada. Videos taken on cellphones showed the teenagers involved fighting and using racial slurs. Apparently, the fight was over an ex-girlfriend, according to Sergeant Marco Martinez with the Floydada Police Department. Two of the teens had been talking over Snapchat and planned to meet in advance to air their grievances.

KAMC News reports that 7 teens total were involved in the fight. All of them will be facing charges. Two of them were old enough to be charged as adults, while the other 5 will be charged as juveniles.

Floydada ISD says that they carried out discipline to the extent allowed by policy and by state law after being accused of not taking disciplinary action. Since the incident happened off-campus while school was not in session, Floydada ISD itself cannot punish the students.

Floydada ISD said that they "do not condone nor support acts of violence in any setting or in any situation." In respect to the upcoming game, Lockney ISD said "any person displaying poor citizenship or acting in a manner that takes away from the spirit of the game will not be allowed to stay. If you cannot control your emotions and actions, please do not attend this game"

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