Is it possible this really happened?

Check Your Notes!

I can see how an accident like this could happen. Well, at least if the letters are all separate stencils. I'm sure you could get busy enough for something like this to happen and be so busy you'd never even notice it.

We Can't Verify.

I'd love to jump in my truck and go get my own picture of this accident, but people on social media are saying that the space has already been scraped and repainted. So is this the stuff of legend, a fantasy, or a real event?

What It Was.

As you can see in the Facebook post below, the road exiting the Walmart on 4th was apparently painted "SOTP" instead of "STOP." I highly doubt many people who drove over it even notice. Shoppers probably just saw the big letters, did their usually bump and roll stop, and moved on.

What It Could Mean.

What if "SOTP" was actually a message? I have some ideas. Maybe it meant "Save On Toilet Paper," "Sure Over This Parking" or "Should of Told Pops"?  I'm sure you guys can come up with your own possible explanations, but if we were in a movie this could be a giant clue!

If There Would Have Been a Clue Nearby

We already know this is probably an accident by someone who got a little busy, but hey, isn't there a Stop sign inches away from where you were supposed to spell "STOP" correctly? I would think someone who couldn't even read could match the letters.

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