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As I write this, Texas Tech has blown a 15-point lead against Texas.

The Longhorns have taken the lead in overtime, and I need to show everyone what this game is doing to me.

Yeah...I'm drinking. Heavily.

Yes, it's a solid Texas Blonde from Rahr Bros., which is very appropriate for a Lone Star State showdown. But I'm three in. Three beers, and it's not making me feel any better.

This is the first Texas Tech game that I have ever watched on TV. As a new Lubbock resident, it's the first of many to come.

I just need to make sure these kids don't send me to Betty freaking Ford.

Driving around today before the game, I loved how much the city was all-in on the Red Raiders. So much spirit, and it was amazing to hear the reduced capacity at Jones AT&T Stadium get as loud as a packed house. I've yelled with the highlights, and went crazy when TJ Vasher pulled in some great passes.

But that muffed on-side kick after a Longhorns touchdown told me everything I needed to know about how the rest of this game was going to go.

UPDATE: Texas has scored in overtime. Beer glass = empty.

I was correct when I assumed one of these teams today would score 56. The 63 was what I was unsure of.

Time to switch gears...


See you at rehab.

Texas Tech vs Texas (September 26th, 2020)

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