This isn't about Bowl Games. At 4-6, Texas Tech's bowl dreams are fleeting, but why just sit around for two weeks while other teams are getting games in? The Big 12 agreed to the conference plus one game scheduling model, but there's nothing stopping the rest of the Big 12 from playing, too.

This weekend, several Big 12 teams will be playing makeup games. All are conference games except for TCU, which is finally getting its non-con game against Louisiana Tech. Next weekend is the Big 12 Championship game.

Historically, teams in the conference who don't make the Big 12 championship game don't play on championship weekend. This isn't your average college football season, obviously. The Big Ten is going to play a full slate on championship weekend, allegedly, with each team playing against a seeded opponent from the opposite division.

The Big 12 doesn't have divisions, but they could pair off for one more game.

If you go by the current standings, that'd be: Kansas vs Baylor, Kansas State vs Texas Tech, West Virginia vs TCU, and Oklahoma State vs Texas. That's in addition to the Big 12 Championship game, which is actually worth something. It would also be a play-in game of sorts for Texas Tech and Kansas State, with the winner earning a bowl game.

As much as I'd like to get another shot at Kansas State, that's not the only scenario in which you can eliminate that awful Kansas game from your mind. No. 24 Tulsa just had its game against Cincinnati postponed due to the Bearcats' issues. Tulsa would be a fun matchup this weekend on short notice. I can hear everyone now talking about how Texas Tech would lose to Tulsa and that'd be terrible. No, it wouldn't be.

And how the mighty have fallen if poor little Texas Tech is afraid to play Tulsa.

TULSA! Get a hold of yourself people.

There's also another school down in south Texas that's only played six of their scheduled 12 games. Their coach likes to drink Red Bull, and the teams have played in the recent past with Alan Bowman throwing for a freshman record number of yards against them. That's right. Houston. That would be a really fun matchup with intriguing story lines.

Unless Texas Tech is in the middle of a coaching change that nobody knows about, they should play another game in the next two weeks.

Then, there's a bowl game. Play as much as you can. Play the freshmen receivers and force feed passes to Erik Ezukanma. Throw Maverick McIvor in there so we know he's alive. Try some different formations just for fun. Motion more than three times a game. Go wild! It won't matter.

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