This is an INCREDIBLE resolution to a kidnapping story.  For now, details are still sparse, but here's what's going on.

Three women who disappeared in Cleveland, Ohio a DECADE ago were found alive yesterday.

They all disappeared under different circumstances at different times, but all three of them were in a house close to where they disappeared.

27-year-old Amanda Berry is one of the women.  She was kidnapped in April of 2003, at age 16.  She managed to signal a neighbor for help yesterday.  He let her and her five-year-old DAUGHTER out of the house, and then called 911.

There's no word who the father of Amanda's daughter is.  It's still too early to speculate on the horrible possibilities involved.

The other women in the house were 23-year-old Gina DeJesus, who disappeared in April of 2004 at age 14, when she was walking home from school and 32-year-old Michele Knight, who disappeared in August of 2002 when she was 21.

The owner of the house is a 52-year-old former school bus driver named Ariel Castro, and he's been arrested.  Police also arrested his 50-year-old younger brother, and his 54-year-old older brother, although neither of them lived there.

For now, the women are being treated at a hospital and are reuniting with their families.  More details should be coming out in the next few days and weeks.

(Cleveland Plain Dealer

Here's an interview with the crazy neighbor who saw it all go down:

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