Mosquitoes suck. Everyone knows this. And in Texas, they're gigantic, mean jerks that are everywhere, almost year round it seems. But according to Orkin's list of the cities with the biggest mosquito problems, Lubbock isn't in the top 50. Other Texas cities are, however.

Texas holds more spots on the list than any other state at seven. But we're also the biggest state on the list, so it's no surprise we have the most cities on it, too.

However, Atlanta has taken the no. 1 spot for the fifth year in a row. Dallas jumped to no. 2 this year, and only Dallas and Houston are in the top 10. What I found odd is that Austin is at no. 20 on the list, but San Antonio is down at no. 37. They're practically the same city these days, yet they're 17 places apart? Weird.

Also, the Abilene-Sweetwater area comes in at no. 39, Waco-Temple-Bryan make the list at no. 41, and rounding out the list at no. 50 is the Harlingen-Brownsville-McAllen-Weslaco area. No Lubbock?

I also found it interesting that some northern cities made this list that I would have never thought of having mosquito problems. Cities like New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, and even Portland and Bangor, Maine made the list. I guess we have more in common than we thought.

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