There's a lot of talk in the news about President Trump cutting funding to many social programs, including Meals On Wheels. Lubbock's Meals On Wheels, however, will not be affected.

According to a good friend of mine and the head of the Lubbock Meals On Wheels chapter, Mary Gerlach:

We prepare, package, and deliver over 700 meals a day without any help from any government entity. We are supported entirely by local donations and private grants. We are growing and will continue to grow. We choose to do this because we do not want our recipients to be at the mercy of the regulations and changes that constantly occur with government funding.

Mary says that each chapter in different locations around America are all independent entities. Some choose to use government funding and some don't. We love Mary and all the amazing work that she does for Lubbock. And she clearly has a much better handle on this situation than anybody in Washington does.

With that being said the rest of us clearly need to step up and help out our local Meals On Wheels to make sure it continues operating.

Oh, and thank you to Mary for all your hard work!


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